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we're trying to figure it out. >> he appeared in court yesterday. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen of chinese decent saying he was working in japan. his attorney told abc news he's highly intelligent and a diligent student with no criminal history. >> there is a little bit of relief at the purposes though don't get too excited. gas prices started to fall a little bit after a month of sudden surging in california this average $4.67 a gallon. >> big savings on air fare and deals you can get now. >> apple is making changes at the plant in china. >> and there is your questions on twitter and facebook will answer them here live just a little bit later, you can contact michael on >>> it's official, san francisco has a target store. city target now open taking up the second floor of the metrion building different from other targets and it is tail youred to customers with small living lace spaiss. it's also trying something new, opening at 7:00 in the morning and today is what is called soft opening. the grand opening taking place on sunday. >> there is employers outlooking to hire hundred
'll recall he safely landed a u.s. airways jet at the hudson river. the event has been named miracle on the hudson. >> there is teams racing now in san francisco bay and these are the live pictures. there are 11 teams take part in races and this competition runs through sunday. best viewing at marina green. it's fan taft wrik to watch boats go by. >> they go fast. >> still ahead at 4:00 millionaires putting in for unemployment benefits? and there is a popular department store comes stateside. a mirror letting you try on a variety of clothes at the same time. >> and michael finney is taking your questions won twitter and facebook ask will answer them here just a little bit later. you can contact michael on >>> following breaking news in texas right now. firefighters battling a blaze in an exxon plant there. >> and this is in bay town texas not immediately known what sparked this blaze. this is something that appears as though they're getting things under control there. have you fires and perhaps flares as well. >> san pran union square will hit a frenzy friday morning with a grand ope
're going to hear about disney's new plans to follow customers and a possible shake up in u.s. telecommunications industry. >> nicole lapin joins us with today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon, larry and carolyn. u.s. wireless market may be in for a big shake up, sprint nextel admitting it's in talk was a japanese carrier south bank that wants to buy a stake in sprint, maybe 75%. this is a deal that would give japan's number three mobile company a way into the u.s. market and giving sprint much-needed financial support as it continues to battle at and t and verizon. the news comes just a day after sources told us sprint is holding off on a rival bid for metro pcs which agreed to combine a couple days ago with t-mobile usa. news of south bank talks sent sprint shares soaring up about 14%. and amd is cutting its third quarter revenue forecast predicting revenue will fall about 10%. more than 1% it had forecast. the company said weak demand across product lines due to broader economy. shares fell in after hours trading and amd results third-quarter results next week, go
of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> it does not mean the u.s. will strike. the white house says it will waive a short term benefit of killing them versus long term affect on the government in the region. >> piedmont native christopher stevens one of four americans killed in that attack. his family is holding a memorial tomorrow. the public is invited. it will be at the rotunda at san francisco city hall at 4:30 p.m. >> five charged in the september 11th attacks will not have to attend their own hearings. they're being held in guantanamo bay. the men accused of supporting the slenl hijackers. defense argued it was trauk to be forced from a guantanamo bay cell into a courtroom. the judge agreed and one prisoner was restrained and another made a rant. >> mystery solved. wildlife experts believe this giant eye ball may have belonged to a sword fish. the eye ball washed up on a beach last week. biologists based conclusion on size, color and structure and found cuts on the bone around the eye suggesting a fisherman threw the eye overboard. dna tests will take place to confirm findings
on the anniversary of september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. his family says stevens was there helping to launch a cultural exchange center, one giving remarks today is the libyan ambassador to the united states. the man the state department has chosen to investigate the assault, retired diplomat thomas pickering, will address the crowd as well. california senator dianne feinstein and congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the fallen ambassador. >> i know his commitment in being ambassador to an area of our world that is in such turmoil was a high calling for him. i just wanted and asked for permission to host it with the family. they wanted it here. >> the mayor will give the welcome followed his his brother and two sisters who will talk about the sibling they knew growing up. >> carolyn, thank you. we'll be streaming the service at abc 7 there is a link to a site his family established where you can learn more and leave your messages of support. >> the president's campaign says the president takes responsibility for the attack that killed amba
in domestic policy. using china to talk about the u.s. economy and push for job creation. >> it will be interesting. mark matthews reporting. he'll have coverage tonight. remember this guy? scott van doozer who bear hugged the president? he's been invited. he stands sixty-three, he was 260 pounds and might be there to help boost the president's performance tonight or comfort him. tloobt's debate set to begin at 6:00. you can watch it live right here on abc 7. >> still ahead new convenienting guidelines for cervical cancer that affect millions of women. >> first unlike most religious services one church encourage fomz use cell phones during the service. today 7 on your side q and a is just ahaechld i'll have your questions and you can contact me on finney abc 7 or on twitter m finney. i'll answer questions here live in just a moment. >> from our east bay camera lots of sunshine as you look at golden gate. however, there are showers and thunderstorms still on their way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> take a look at this. live traffic
and snow affecting parts of the northeastern u.s.. this is a storm. >> today big rigs hit the road carrying trucks and equipment and are expected to arrive by thursday. >> storm still causing chaos fort( travelers. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there? >> it's complicated. >> are the airlines cooperate something. >> yes. everybody wants to fly now. >> brian green's flight rescheduled for tomorrow. >> i have to be at a cemetery. so the circumstances definitely suck. that is my story. hopefully, they can help me out. >> we're in mendocino. and have thursday getting back to the east coast. >> at least he's in no great crush to get home. vegas. >> you're going to be a prisoner of love in loss vegas. >> there are years on the ceiling. >> mireon finds it amusing. >> where is this going? >> adding to the confusion is that all 114 flights to the seven airports were cancelled. to see so
escaping house arrest and went to the u.s. embassy in beijing sparking a crisis. chen was allowed to leave china with his family, bale drew attention in december when he tried to meet chen but was turned away by officials.. >> entertainment news, p diddy gets into an accident and a pop star lends her name to a new plant. >> sean p diddy combs is okay following a car accident in beverly hills, tmz obtained this getto hit by a lexus. the star complained of pain. neither e, nor anyone were hospitalized. tom hanks and halle barry out in hollywood for a red carpet premier. >> made me think about being a mother and things i do, choices i make, things i don't do, how that will affect not only my daughter but her children, her children and her children it hits theaters tomorrow. >> pop star lady gaga be honored today by scientists at duke university. researchers named several discoveried species of ferns after the singer saying their sequence spells out gaga. and it's official. tailor swift will take the stage at the american music awards. see a list of the performers right now on >> a n
be using technology to spy on the united states and recommends the u.s. government block mergers involving those companies and warns contractors and businesses to find alternative suppliers. and we should note in a statement that the report released today employs many rumors and speculations to prove nonexistent accusations and does not address challenges faced by ict industry. ict stands for information communication and technology. and remember that wasn't and for the camera? now, there is a nokia's head of smart phone marketing is out of a job. he had to apologize for this video. then accused of misleading customers we should note it's not clear and and htc may be the latest smart phone victim. the company posted a record drop in quarterly earnings. there is net profits totalling $133 million. and to put that into perspective it's the lowest quarterly profits. the share of the bloomberg smart phone market fell at less than 6%. it had 10% just a year ago. google is launching a credit card for businesses with lines ranging from $200 to $100,000 for customers of its ad words service. for n
is suspended at least until tomorrow. this affects all u.s. trading markets. the u.s. labor department says he will release the monthly jobs report just four days before the election. >> sandhya causing problems with the power grid. it's estimated millions of homes and businesses are with out power right now. that includes 95,000 in new jersey. washington, d.c. power company telling customers it will not respond until it's safe to do so. >> they're going to have to wait until wind stops blowing above 35 miles per hour. they've got to wait until heavy rainfall has ceased. before they can begin to assess damage and then, begin our restoration efforts. >> thousands of crews from aconsiders the country are on their way to the storm zone now. johns hopkins is estimating 10 million customers will lose electric yeefr the next few days. >> abc news reporter tj winnik is in new jersey as the storm makes land fall. >> good evening, i can tell you three hours ago wind began to howell. -- howl. right now cape may is experiencing a high tide. hurricane sandy is expectsed to make land fall near lantic city,
at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> coming up at 4:30 mark matthews will do a fact check concerning last night's debate and outline misstatements made by both mr. biden and ryan, that is coming up in 25 minutes. >> the doyle drive replacement project is about to start its second phase in san francisco. >> there will be demolition but no closures. phase two of the project goes from a battery tunnel to palace of fine arts. >> abc 7 news is live near doyle drive with the latest on this for us. >> carolyn, we're up near the national cemetery on lincoln looking down on doyle drive now. hopefully when this is completed here, we won't be dealing with some of the commute hour back ups like we're seeing now, one of the first things that will happen in phase two is demolition of the old doyle drive right there. in its place will be a brand new bridge just like this one. side by side there, and in addition to being much safer in an earthquake and for general traffic it will be much prettier. underneath the elevated sections of the old doyle drive, support structures are close together. the metal fr
be responsible for two bank robberies, suspected of robbing u.s. bank in sunnyvale. they say he showed a semi automatic handgun and demanded money. >> there are shopper having to pay extra at retail stores if they don't have their own shopping ban. san francisco prohibits plastic bags. they must now charge 10 cents for each one. >> most customers do bring bags here, they do forget. this will help them to remember to bring them more often. >> there are restaurants exempt for now, that changes in a year, next october. the ban expands again to cover all san francisco businesses. >> bikes on bart. there is a recent survey on allowing bicycles on rush hour, they will reveal the results of a recent pilot project to allow bikes on trains and so far, it seems commuters are split about the idea. >> cal train congestion ease aid bit after trains were put into office. >> two are brand new. cal train is rearranginging it's schedule to give greater flexibility and adding a stop for 12 limited service trains. this is in response to an increase in ridership. >> there is a boy for marisa myer and her husband
the tracks. >> fbi says it will use all of its resources to investigate the fatal shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent that happened in arizona about five miles from the mexico border. >> the agent on patrol when shots broke out before 2:00 this morning. a second agent is recovering in the hospital. officials believe this shooting may have been drug-related. so far no suspects have been identified. >> missing teamster boss jimmy hofffa is not buried under a michigan driveway. they say soil samples show no evidence of human remains. officials began drilling through the grounds of a home last week after receiving what they called a credible tip someone was buried there around the time hoffa went missing in 1975. >> early voting is underway in two states some camped out overnight to cast a early ballot. michelle obama made a stop in cincinnati to kick off early voting. >> there is is a worker at the local board of election that's notice aid problem, signatures didn't match up and some had information simply made up. >> and last week, the election workers in florida noticing similar problem w
down the suspicious mutations. the hope to avoid fuel yil care. >> according to u.s. census, 36 million americans move every year. one and a half million here in the bay area. that is a lot of card board boxing as you can imagine. there are ways that some entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to the card board box. reusable plastic wogs. hillary moved from san francisco to marin. and researching the cost of boxes the packaging and the impact of the environment she was certain there had to be a better way and there is a suggestion to try zipco. the company drops off and picks up plastic reusable box autos we have material that -- two years ago they launched the company both environment and cost savings in mind. >> each person uses between 60 and 75 boxes for a move with a lot of waste and that is going to end up in landfills. >> the boxes can be reused up to 500 times. the box costs about $3 and a card board box is in $2 to $3 range. however, one of the boxes holds 30% to 40% more than the same size card board box. hillary thinks she saved $50 in the end by using zipco. savings comi
to get six americans out of iran and back to the u.s.. >> this is a move qee i've never said this before. the best movie i've ever been involved with. i'm proud of it oo. ben call immediate and said brian very have a and it's going to the public theater in new york and in honor of the founders and director friends and there is a world wide grab. tomorrow night the last show will be streamed live on you tube. this. >> and stocks get a lift but is it enough to help the country's recovery? what do the numbers mean? >> and a career change for ann romney. the job she's filling in on and how you can see her in action. >> and a meningitis care. a warning and what you need >>> wall street couldn't decide and take a look. the dow gained 35 points and nasdaq fell 13 points. >> abc 7 news is here now with more on what these new figures mean in the race for the white house. >> this has more to do with politics than the economy. the weekend ending on an up note. unemployment number fell and. >> this is over 500 people that they've already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. >> there
're learning that cisco ended its relationship with bp over concerns it may be selling u.s. parts to irean, however they're going quietly. the companies are both deny wrong doing and saying the report was rigged. the chinese government is getting into the fray calling it groundless and warning that the move could undermine cooperation between the united states and china. a lot of tech titans have chosen to make san francisco their home and now, a few of them appearing in a new video urging stoit fix the long lines and for other problems take a listen. >> san francisco is the innovation capitol of the world and of this, and this and this. and this and this would with awesome to use technology to fix the problems they face every day. let's give it a shot. >> this includes twitter co-founder and air b and bceo and some other folks. they urge the city to fix problems of lack of wifi hot spots and making it easier to get a bus or a cab and this is to promotes his campaign, one of the hottest ipos is heating up, workday is boosting a price range for stock sales. now plans on selling $22
. >> u.s. antidoping agency banned armstrong for live and disqualified him of all competitive result goesing back 12 years. a move expected to strip armstrong of its seven tour de france titles armstrong denies taking illegal performance-enhacing drugs. but almost all teammates came forward saying he doped. >> to deny the reality of lances doping would be like denying gravity. >> the announcement comes as the organization gears up for a 15th anniversary this weekend. armstrong said the decision was played so the group could focus on its mission instead of his problems. >> former armstrong teammate levi leipheimer's team fired him for his role in the scandal. he confessed to using performance-enhacing drugs as part of the investigation. leipheimer was serving a suspension when he had another contract terminated yesterday. >> another shake frup yahoo. hi, nicole. >> good afternoon, guys. let's talk about ebay first saying sales and profit higher compared to a year ago. ebay is losing market share to amazon and other retailers. the ceo has been fighting for more upgrades. there is issue
it added just over one million u.s. subscribers in the third quarter raising doubts about the company's seven million new subscribers. the company had net income dropping 87% to almost $8 million but sales rose $905 million. sorry i didn't have better news for you, guys. i feel like a little bit of debbie bouner. >> thank you very much. beautiful weather behind nicole. so, a break in the rain. it's been calm, compared with yesterday. looking at mount diablo we have clouds, puffy developments of cumulus but mainly blue clouds around. things may turn. take a turn for cloudier side into the evening hours. it's again a quiet one. we do expect showers to start to move through here tonight. looking up north just a bit over clear lake we see pockets of moisture and showers up around fort bragg. looking northwest off shore we can see area of thunderstorms. looks active and impressive near crescent city. and eureka. just due west of cue kia. thinking of getting active out to sea. over into central sierra, if we loop radar you can see snow showers there tapered off after a dose of winter weathe
this afternoon about two men linked to the u.s. kons slit attack in libya. reports indicate a militant suspected has been killed in egypt and another suspect now in custody in tunisia. the secretary of state hillary clinton responded today to reports a militant group claimedp,xdb responsibility foe attack while they were taking place. >> posting something on facebook is not evidence and just under scores how fluid reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be. even so, republicans are seizing on the e mails to boost allegations it was organized by terrorists. >> a man arrest forward trespassing onto the tarmac at new york's kennedy airport is raising serious questions about security procedures. his jet ski broke down while he was riding in jamaica bay. he swam three miles in the dark towards a light. he jumped a fence, walk add cross runways and taxi ways nobody saw him and no cameras or motion detectors the airport paid millions for picked him up. >> figured i was on cameras and maybe a helicopter or a police car, something. nothing happened. to the point i had to walk up to a ca
devices and hiring a contractor to build a safe network. this news after u.s. immigration and customs enforcement officials dumped the black berry for iphone. >> finally the new york man who says he owned half of facebook has been arrested for fraud and has been accused of faking e mails from mark zuckerberg and he is counted with one count of mile fraud and one count of wire fraud. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry and carolyn, back to you, have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> sierra skiers and snow borders are heading the slopes they got three feet of snow this week. the rest of the resorts expected to open next month or in december. >> amazing. >> i don't want to think about snow. i want to work on my tan this weekend. >> i know. sounds like you'll be able to. yes. >> it's going to be so nice. almost summer like over the weekend. enjoy now. here is a view looking down on to the bay. and san francisco certainly the skyline. over the bay looking beyond it's a lovely afternoon around the bay area. and you can see we're cloud free at the moment. there is a bank of low cloud
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